I’d Be a Machine

It’s had been 3 years, A lot can happen in three years, and I think a lot should happen in 3 years, but when I ran into some people I went to school with 3 years ago from what I could tell they were exactly the same. They even said that nothing had changed, I asked what they had been up to and they said nothing, and when they got into conversation I believed them. When the spoke to each other it was pretty much the same topics and mannerisms they talked about three years ago. I don’t understand, In those three years I have completely changed, and I get that not everyone does changes as drastically as I have, but I don’t understand how did they remained so static? Then as I started to ask about the other people I had not seen in those previous 3 years, apart from those who had more or less fallen off the grid most people seemed to be just as static. I get they are not at the point in their lives where they have had to go off and live on their own, fend for themselves, make their own way in this world, but I don’t understand how after 3 years they only mellowed out, they didn’t bother to grow.

“Dammit Amy

Well of course I’ve changed.

With all the things that I’ve done and the places I’ve been,

I’d be a machine if I had stayed the same.” (-Frank Turner)

They have not always been the best years, but they have been a busy three years. I don’t understand, are people really not venturing out of comfort at all, or are they going through the width and depth of the human experienced unaffected, like a machine.

I don’t get it.

Perhaps they just don’t know how they have changed, or they haven’t realized it, but I saw them, and heard them, and it seems so true, that “nothing” has happened, that nothing is going on, that life just stood still and they ceased to really live, they chose to merely exist.

So I started looking at those around me, I looked first at the 3 men I’ve come to love as brothers and I’ve defiantly seen how they have changed in those same three years, but I start to look outside of that and I see it less and less common, I see a small handful who have really taken that time to grow. Is that how people are, do they really go through life without letting it affect them at all, or do they live life in such a way that there is nothing much to change them.

I fear for them, living life so statically, what happens when they do have to do life on their own, when everything around them drastically changes and they don’t know how to move with that. How will they cope, and who will they turn into when the pressure is on?


About Jeffery

Student in Ontario, trying to learn how to express myself through art. I just enjoying any brewed drink, photography, music, poems, language and stories.
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