Back On Track

“Another year has gone by, they really never do last long, and for all that time the year still seems pretty void, I mean it’s had its cool days, and has built great stepping stones for the future but where are those memories worth keeping? I can tell you now there are none, none that come to mind at least. Am I still doing something wrong? Is the time just bad? Or do I need to change my perception? I still think it’s the environment that needs to change. The summer is here again and not only has come but I’ve had time to settle in it, my schedule is good, its left time for writing, reading, music, language, my job, and a few days off I can take. The end of my summer looks great, its packed with things that have potential to host those memories worth keeping, but what do I do for now, I know every day can be a great one, but do I just slowly work without these experiences until those plans and events come together, I’m sick of nights that are just enough to keep me alive, I’m searching for nights and days that are worth living for. But here is where I get things on track and regular, for now I keep trying what I know.”

I wrote this somewhere near the end of July this year, but I was a twit who kept writing new content but never edited or published it, and then eventually just forgetting new content all together. However the world has changed since then. I am currently working with Youth Unlimited for school credits; it’s the greatest thing I could imagine. Overall my dreams haven’t really changed, the same ideas and goals keep pounding on the inside of my mind, waiting for the summer when they can start to become a reality, but always working towards them now. Life is getting better, and some long lasting memories have been formed, nothing groundbreaking but little things well enjoyed, and memorable. Life is starting to be enjoyed to its fullest for a man like me. It’s still a journey, but I’m making headway.

I intend to have this post marks the restart of the goal “finding memories worth keeping” as well as the start of regular content.


About Jeffery

Student in Ontario, trying to learn how to express myself through art. I just enjoying any brewed drink, photography, music, poems, language and stories.
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