Investing Time

I want to preface this in saying that I know all day every day isn’t fun, you can’t shirk all responsibility, and often times you need to man up and do the unpleasant things, however I’m in full time school so I have to bend those rules a little bit. And though it is not an absolute rule I make a point to not invest too much of my time in things that I hate, I spend as much time as possible doing what I love until someone is willing to pay me for it. So I’ve been re-evaluating where I spend my time, including actually setting aside regular time to write, this also often means sacrificing sleep and occasionally forgetting that I need to eat, but you know it happens. One key way I have adjusted where I spend my time is by busking, it has a nice (though modest) finical advantage to it, but I get to preform, and sing for my city, whether people want to hear it or not, and I enjoy it. I’ve also started carrying around a little black book and a penciled for those ideas that I want to remember, for those lyrics that pound on the inside of my head, poems that I can’t help but want to share later but know I will forget, and a place for thoughts to flow into when the pressure in my head is too much to handle. By writing it out by hand and always keeping it on hand it helps my memory, helps my writing, and helps my thought develop in a healthy way, and allows me to share with greater clarity. By investing most of my free time in music, and writing, and calligraphy, language or audio in some way or another rather than wasting away the day with another episode, or one more level, or just sitting around unsure what to do, and in developing into the person I want to become it seems to be leading me to opportunities for those memories worth keeping.



About Jeffery

Student in Ontario, trying to learn how to express myself through art. I just enjoying any brewed drink, photography, music, poems, language and stories.
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