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I have words to upload again soon, but I insist on ruminating on them first for a while. In the mean time I’ve been taking a lot of photos these days, so I’m going to upload a few of them … Continue reading

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Beware of Monsters

This is a piece I jotted off at the end of the summer and have become quite fond of; I know it is not the end but it is the end of the beginning. The same idea keeps coming to … Continue reading

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Wooden Heart

It’s overdue again, and I litterally have about a dozen post waiting to be edited and published, but in the mean time… My brother (not a biological brother) is finnishing up his writers craft class, they are ending with poetry, … Continue reading

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Trying My Hand at the Quill

So, the picture currently at the top of my this site is my quill but incase that changes this is what it looks like. with it I have been trying to write well, the first thing I did was something … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Albums

So I’m starting to write this at 02h10 and I have school in the morning, the start of a new semester actually, but my body is like “no you’re not sleeping” so I’m listening to Proverbs and am thinking “hey … Continue reading

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