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Beware of Monsters

This is a piece I jotted off at the end of the summer and have become quite fond of; I know it is not the end but it is the end of the beginning. The same idea keeps coming to … Continue reading

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Back On Track

“Another year has gone by, they really never do last long, and for all that time the year still seems pretty void, I mean it’s had its cool days, and has built great stepping stones for the future but where … Continue reading

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I’d Be a Machine

It’s had been 3 years, A lot can happen in three years, and I think a lot should happen in 3 years, but when I ran into some people I went to school with 3 years ago from what I … Continue reading

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Wooden Heart

It’s overdue again, and I litterally have about a dozen post waiting to be edited and published, but in the mean time… My brother (not a biological brother) is finnishing up his writers craft class, they are ending with poetry, … Continue reading

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Stage Fright

I’ve not really known fear, not since that winter in grade nine when we went to Dyer’s Memorial late at night but that’s a different story, I have certainly never felt so much as anxiety when it came to singing. … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Change Feel Right?

It’s now getting close to a month since I last said anything here, I spent the last two weeks in overdrive catching up on old assignments, working of final projects and doing all 20 hours of my in class drivers … Continue reading

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Why the Name?

So even though nobody follows this I would like to explain the name. “Peggy Sang the Blues” is a song by English singer-songwriter Frank Turner. I love his music in general but specifically the chorus to this song goes: “It … Continue reading

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